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Contacting Celebrities for you
HEC is a celebrity booking agency for paid events. HEC will not give out direct contact information, or contact any celebrities on your behalf for personal messages, or requests for autographs or signed memorabilia. Clients cannot contact celebrities directly to discuss their events. HEC does not handle any media requests, interviews, or film/TV casting.

Active Actors and Athletes
Actors who are actively filming major movie projects and athletes currently in season for their professional sport often do very limited speaking engagements or appearances, as they may have to cancel due to their main career obligations. Retired actors and athletes are the most secure bookings for our clients, and HEC has a very comprehensive list of these names that will do great events for you.

9220 Sunset Blvd., Suite 306,
Los Angeles, CA 90069 United States
+1 (209) 268 0004
+1 (209) 268 0004

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